CURRENT ISSUE: Journal Business & IT 2/2017

TitleAuthorsPublication yearPagesAbstractFull text
Venture capital and private equity investment in the Czech RepublicBozena Kaderabkova, Petr Ptacek20172-9open
Building information modeling in budgetingMichal Strnad201710-17open
Development of nearly zero energy buildings and application of cost optimumJiri Karasek, Jan Veleba201718-25open
Factors affecting employee attrition among engineers and non-engineers in manufacturing industryShikha Bhardwaj, Ashutosh Singh201726-34open
Unfavorable aspects of the administrative process of the reconstruction of historic buildingsMichal Vondruska201735-43open
Regional real estate prices 1920 - 1944, comparison of the economic progressVaclav Beran, Petr Kalcev, Zita Prostejovska201744-56open


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