CURRENT ISSUE: Journal Business & IT 1/2018

TitleAuthorsPublication yearPagesAbstractFull text
Entrepreneurial learning about the venture capitalist communityRon Berger20182-12open
Social capital as knowledge absorptive capacity and firm innovationPloychompoo Kittikunchotiwut201813-25open
The function analysis on the establishment of market-assisted mechanisms-taking the chamber of commerce as an exampleXu Meng201826-33open
The implementation of BIM in the New Alamein City-EgyptIslam Mohamed Khalil201834-41open
All-society economic benefits through usage of brownfieldMatej Bunat201842-53open
Lack of technically educated graduates - a threat to the Czech economyVladimira Novakova201854-58open
Estimate the rate of shoreline change using the statistical analysis technique (EPR)Mirna Sebat, Juliet Salloum201859-65open


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